Benefits Of Choosing A Pet Care Professional For Your Pets

We are super excited to share our first blog! Each month we will publish articles on pet care, pet safety and other relevant information of interest to our clients and community! 

WeCare Pet Services is a locally owned small business that has been operating in Fort McMurray for 5 years now and counting!  Since our inception in 2019, the company has grown to a team of 23 strong. Everyone who works with WeCare adheres to our quality standards of care and our core values of professionalism, love and understanding.

This blog will outline:

  • The benefits of using in-home care services. 
  • Why you should choose professionals to care for your pets and your home
  • What you should expect from professional pet care

Why you should use professionals


Services are provided 365 days a year, for 14 hours a day, rain or shine! You can depend on them to show up as scheduled, and if their primary pet sitter is unavailable, well known backups will maintain the service.  

There will be consultations and a meet & greet for clients to meet the sitters and the sitters to get to know the pets and their specific needs with a written and digital contract. 

The benefit of in-home care 

Less Stress

In-home care reduces stress and anxiety to your animals. Diet & exercise routines are uninterrupted, and their exposure to illness is limited. Pets are happier and experience less stress in their own home!

Professional pet sitters will collect thorough and detailed information about your pets routine, history, diet, behavior and likes/dislikes at the time of the consultation.  This information will always be accessible to the pet sitter for reference and consistency.  All services are customized to the specific needs of the pets and their owners.  They will also do a walk-through of your home & property to take note and ensure everything is as it should be when pet parents return home.

Quality professional pet care will provide additional services such as:

  • watering plants 
  • collecting the mail
  • moving curtains around & alternating lights to provide the appearance of someone home
  • a thorough walk through of the home each day to ensure all is normal
  • cleaning food & water dishes
  • taking out the garbage
  • providing medications
  • sweeping litter areas
  • cleaning up accidents
  • bathing pets if necessary  

What you should expect from the professional pet sitters

Peace Of Mind

Professionals have criminal record checks done for their pet sitters, bonding, and liability insurance in case of damage to your home, pet loss or injury.

Professional pet sitters invest time and money into ongoing education and training to stay informed in all areas of pet care and first aid.  This is a highly valued benefit as they are able to respond promptly and effectively to an emergency. 
  • Through education and training, professionals will have the knowledge to notice abnormal pet behaviour, signs of distress and be able to avoid & manage dangerous situations.

WeCare Pet Services – Professional Pet Care in Fort McMurray

We have a handy pet app where you will not only receive a full report card with detailed information on each visit – but you can see your full schedule of upcoming visits, who your pet sitter is, where your dog went for a walk, what fun they had, if they were fed or got a treat, and there is an interactive chat feature so you can effectively communicate with your pet sitter ! Our team loves to send adorable & cute photos to all our clients.  All your pet needs in one handy place! 

In addition to our detailed on-boarding training and the completion of pet first aid, our team members have access to an extensive library of pet training through our membership with Pet Sitters International. See below for some examples of these trainings completed by our team.

Some future blog topics will include:

  • Hot weather safety tips
  • Reptile Care Tips
  • Why cats stop using the litter box

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