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Dog Walking

A tired dog is a happy dog!

What Do You Need?

Dog Walking

You love your dog!!! They are a part of your family and you want to ensure your dogs are happy and healthy! Physical and mental stimulation are both needed for this and it doesn’t matter if your dog is young or old, walking is a great way to keep your dog healthy, agile and happy. With our busy lifestyles these days, people can find it hard to find the time to take their dog out every day – so let us help you! Whether you are working long shifts, travelling or busy with other obligations we are here to provide care and exercise for your pup when you aren’t able to!

Other benefits of regular dog walks include:

  • Dogs who carry extra weight are more likely to be affected by things like diabetes and joint pain – regular exercise can help alleviate/prevent these issues.
  • Dogs, and especially puppies are prone to destructive behavior if they don’t get enough exercise, and become bored stuck at home all day! So to keep your house in tip top shape & your dog happy – by making sure they get out walking regularly!
  • Many dogs suffer from separation anxiety, so if you are away at work for long hours – let our team of dog lovers provide your dog with love and attention, and beneficial exercise.
  • Inactive dogs may have trouble sleeping – and keep your household up at night! Maintaining regular walking will encourage healthy sleep patterns.
  • Walks are instinctual for your dogs – so honor this part of their heritage
  • Free Consultation
    Free Consultation

    This is a visit to your home, to meet you, your pets and learn their routines and care. We will review the Contract at this time and establish the services needed, dates and times of services, and detailed information on each pet in the home and other important information such as how to access the home and emergency contact info.

  • 20 minute express walk
    20 minute express walk $21

    When the outside temperatures are too hot or cold, these are a great option to ensure your dog still gets out and does so safely‚Äč

  • 30 minute walk
    30 minute walk $27

    Our most popular dog walk!

  • 45 minute walk
    45 minute walk $32

    For pets who need lots of socialization and time spent with people while you are away. Hour long visits broken up in between shorter ones are a great option!

  • 60 minute walk
    60 minute walk $42

    A great option for energetic dogs!

  • Holiday Surcharge
    Holiday Surcharge $18

    For services on Holidays there will be a surcharge of $18 / day. This includes all National Canadian Statutory Holidays.

  •  Additional Charges
    Additional Charges Variable

    Additional charges may be rendered depending on the circumstances
    -last minute cancellation fees
    -last minute booking fees
    -additional time for pet accident clean up

*$5 charge for additional dogs on all walks (max. 2-3 – case by case basis)

*Prices subject to change*


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