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Our pet sitters visit your home while you are away to provide care and love to your pets when you aren’t able to! These check-in services are available for all pets, and are charged per time spent within your home for 15 to 60 minutes.  Included in this service: feedings & water, cuddles, potty breaks, cage or kitty litter cleaning,  brushing, medication provision, playtime, and watering of plants.  See our SERVICES page for a list of everything we offer.
We charge in time block increments- 15 mins, 30 mins, 45 mins and 60 mins.  Time spent within your home per visit depends on what care is required for each pet, and all services listed above are included during the time booked.  If extra services, or extra time is needed we can definitely accommodate! See SERVICES page for a list of our rates. 

Our office hours are from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm each day of the week, and we will respond to all inquiries within a timely manner on a daily basis. Our pet sitting/dog walking hours are from 8:00am to 10:00 pm 7 days a week, open 365 days of the year. We also provide services on all holidays, but do charge a fee of $18/per day on National Statutory Holidays.

Pet visits are in the duration of 15, 30, 45  to 60 minutes depending on the needs of your pet.  Our goal is to keep the pet’s routine as close to normal, and we will discuss how to customize the visits at the meet & greet consultation. Our most common pet visit is the potty breaks where we visit your pets while you are at work or a few times a day in 15 minute increments. During this time, as with all pet visits we will ensure your pet gets love & attention, exercise & play, and of course food & water. Note: If the duration of a visit exceeds the allotted time, due to extra cleanup or unforeseen circumstances etc, we may charge for this in order to compensate the pet sitter accordingly.

You can specify the time that you would like us to visit your pet or walk your dog(s) during your consultation, or when you book through our pet app.  However, due to the nature of our work, all visits will take place within a set time range around the time requested – barring medical conditions necessary for specific times.   For example, if you request that your dog is walked each day at noon, our sitter will walk your dog between 11 am & 1pm. 

Dog walks can be booked for 20 (express walk), 30, 45 or 60 minute blocks.  Your dog(s) will be walked for the full duration of this time, and additional services around the walk such as the giving of treats, food or water, poop pick-up, and cleaning your dog’s feet/belly with a towel afterwards are all included.
The meet & greet with you and your pet sitter happens in your home during our free consultation preferably right before your booking, so that all the details are fresh in the minds of you and the pet sitter. At this time – we will review the contract with you, collecting information about your home, your pet’s care & their behavior.   Most important however, this meet & greet will allow you to meet your sitter, as well as for us to get to know your pets.  Depending on the services you require from us, you will most likely have 1-2 secondary pet sitters helping to care for your pets. This is to ensure that whenever you need us – we will have someone available who has been trained on your pets & home, and we would set up a time for you to meet them as well. No pet sitter will be sent into your home without a proper meet & greet unless in an absolute emergency.  Please visit OUR TEAM page for a list of our trusted sitters and information about each of them.

Upon receiving a request from you, either by phone, text, Social Media or through our website – you will get a response within 24 hours. We will then collect more information about what services you require, and will send you a link to online forms you can fill out with detailed pet care information for your pets. Once that form is submitted, we will add your information to our handy pet app and reach out to you to set up a free consultation. See information about our free consultations in the meet & greet question above.

As part of our insurance policy with PROfur, we have insurance to cover your property against crime & property damage, content coverage and a variety of general pet liability coverages.  These coverages help to cover expenses relating to pet injury, loss or death while in our care.  Reputable professional pet sitting companies should always have this type of business insurance in place. 
Our team will walk your dogs throughout various paths within your neighborhood.  During your initial consultation we will inquire if there are any off-limit, or unsafe areas to be aware of as well as aggressive dogs to watch out for.  If you have a specific or regular route that you would like your dog to take, our walkers would be happy to accommodate, just let us know! 
We understand your concern.  We are fully insured and bonded under a very specific Pet Sitting Policy that covers all the unique issues associated with being in a clients home and caring for your pets (see question above about bonding & insurance). 

Invoices are available to you in your Time to Pet Account on our app, and will also be emailed out every couple weeks, or when you return home safely from a trip. All invoices can be paid by e-transfer to wecarepetlove@gmail.com, or credit card in your Time to Pet account (app). A finance charge of 5% may be added onto invoices that remain unpaid after 30 days, as per our contract.

The liability insurance carried by our company cannot cover the presence of visitors (ie. neighbours/family members) or other caregivers not covered under our insurance policy. In the interest of our safety and that of your pet(s), we prefer to be the sole caregivers, however if visits are to be shared – the details of whom / how will need to be discussed and approved in advance during the consultation process. If a sharing arrangement has been made – WeCare Pet Services will not be held responsible for damages, issues, injuries or problems (with your pets or home) that arise during our visits if they are shared with others.
Tipping your pet sitter is like tipping anyone else in the service industry.  It is not expected, but if you feel you are getting great service it is certainly appreciated! A tip can easily be added when you pay your bill and 100% goes to your pet caregiver.  
Holidays: There is an additional $18 fee for visits on all National Statutory holidays.
Dog Walks: For all dog walks there is an additional $3 fee for each additional dog.
Pet Visits: If the duration of a visit exceeds the allotted time, due to extra cleanup or unforeseen circumstances we may charge for this in order to compensate the pet sitter accordingly.
Location: We may charge mileage fees for pet visits outside the normal service area in Fort McMurray. Service area includes all areas North of the Bridge, Abasand, Grayling Terrace Downtown, Gregoire, Beacon Hill & Waterways.
We are dedicated to excellent care of your pet(s) and have a 24 hour emergency vet on call within Fort McMurray. Most of our sitters are Pet First Aid Certified so that they can respond effectively during an emergency.  We also have access to your pet’s veterinary & provided emergency contact person’s information at all times, so that help is always within reach.  During the initial consultation we collect details of any prior or current health issues, allergies or injuries that your pet(s) has.  If your pet shows signs of illness or injury while you are away, we will contact you and/or your veterinarian for direction.  If your pet needs more immediate care then your veterinarian can provide – we will transport your pet to the emergency clinic. We will make every effort to contact you in an emergency to receive instructions before we take an animal in for medical care, however in emergency situations or when you cannot be reached we will not hesitate to take the pet in for treatment.  WeCare Pet Services is not responsible for costs incurred from veterinary visits, as per your contract, however our pet business insurance may cover treatment depending on the circumstances. 
We always do our best to accommodate last minute visits however it’s not always possible. If you already have a contract with us however, this will be much easier as we already have all of your pet & home information on file, and one or more of our pet sitters familiar with your pets.  We will never complete a pet service without our initial consultation meet & greet, this is for the safety of our team, and for your pets as well.  The more notice we have the better, our suggestion is to book your pet sitter for your vacation as soon as you can. 
While you are away we want to keep your dogs routine as close to normal as possible.  Most typically we will provide 3 pet visits per day, with 2 potty breaks and a mid-day walk.  However, no routine or schedule is the same for each dog as they are as unique as people.  When you meet your pet sitter at the free consultation, they will discuss with you the best schedule of visits for your dog.  How long our visits are (15 mins – 60 mins), how many walks we provide each day and when we visit is up to you, and depends on how long you are away plus the individual needs of your dog; such as their age, & need for companionship.
We ask that you contact us to confirm your return home.  This notification process prevents us from worrying about your pet(s), as well as scheduling additional visits to check on your pets and ensure their well being. If you are delayed from returning home, please contact us right away so we can schedule additional services as necessary.  
While we do assign you a primary sitter/walker, we cannot guarantee the same person each time you book a walk/visit due to conflicting schedules or unforeseen circumstances.  We work as a close knit team and communicate often with each other, so all information is passed onto each team member caring for your pets.  If your usual pet sitter/walker is on holiday, fully booked, ill or has a family emergency, another team member will be armed with all the necessary information to make sure your pet’s routine stays the same. Our promise is that we will always have a trained, qualified worker to cover your pets needs. Any additional team member caring for your pets will be trained by & introduced to your pets by your primary sitter – we would never send an unfamiliar person into your home unless in an absolute emergency.  We will also set up additional meet & greets with yourself for all additional pet sitters/walkers assigned to your pet care as requested.
Absolutely!! Your first meet and greet with your primary pet sitter is free, as well as any other requested meet & greet with our team of pet sitters.  Just connect with us to arrange this. Note: before any new team member is assigned to your pets for care, the owner will always reach out first to arrange this meet and greet or to get permission for the new team member to be trained on your pets and gain access to your home.  
While you are away, your pets might have the occasional accident!  We will do our best to clean-up any messes on the floor, carpet or furniture using approved cleaning products in your home.  The clean up of these accidents is covered in our services – however if the pet sitter has to stay more than double their allotted time to clean up significant messes then we may charge for the extra time. Note: We are not certified cleaners – but we will do the best cleanup we can with the products provided to us. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to remove all stains from various surfaces during the cleaning process. 

Most definitely!!! You will receive a thorough report card from our pet app with pictures & updates of your pets wellbeing at each and every visit. You can also see a list of all the scheduled visits we have booked for your pets, when our sitter is booked to arrive each day and for how long. Any changes you would like made to your schedule can be done easily through our handy app!

We would be honored to care for any animal in your home – fluffy, feathered, scaled or aquatic.  We have pet sitters experienced in all types of animals, and with all types of temperaments. Let us know what you are looking for and we will do our best to match you with the perfect pet sitter! 
Of course!! As part of our services we will most certainly clean your small animal cage! At the time of our consultation we will set up the appropriate duration of times for our visits in order to complete this task, while also providing care to other pet(s) as needed. 
Yes, we clean your bird cage as part of our service.  Changing of bird food & water will be done on a daily basis, as well as regular change outs of the bottom bedding/tray.   Rotation of toys, and deep cleaning of the cage can be provided, so long as the bird is friendly and will allow such administrations by our team comfortably. 
Yes, our team of pet sitters will administer medications to your pets. We have a permission form as part of our contract which you can list all medications, required doses and how they should be administered. How to properly administer medications to your pets will need to be shared (and practiced if required) in person with your pet sitter at the time of your consultation prior to service, as well as providing a signature on our permission form. 
We DO NOT recommend every other day visits for your cats.  It is our responsibility to ensure your cat hasn’t gotten into something, hurt themselves or found its way out of the house while you are away.  To best ensure this we recommend a minimum of 1 visit per day.  In cases of every other day visits we will require a signed release within our contract noting that our concerns were addressed, you chose to implement this anyway and we will not be held responsible for any issues that arise as a result.  
 It is common for cats to shy away when new people are in the home.  Often-times, by the second or third visit your furry one will come out from hiding and in some cases greet our team.  We will never force a cat out of hiding when we visit, but we are required to locate your cat and ensure that he/she is alright each visit! As a result, we do recommend that you close all doors to bedrooms and other areas of the house that are not needed for the cat so we can more easily find them when we visit.  

We will scoop the kitty litter everyday while we are visiting your home. And we can do a full box clean upon request.

Though we do not offer yard cleaning services, we will pick up your dog’s poop anytime we take them out of the home on a leash in order to defecate (if you do not have a backyard).  We will of course, clean up poop left on wee-wee pads in your home each visit, and any accidents as well. 
No, your dog will be given one on one attention, unless they of course have a brother or sister in the home who they walk with! All walks are on a leash, and your pet will never be allowed to roam free unless in a secure backyard.  This is for the safety of your pet! We also do not offer dog park visits.
No, we only do private walks.  Our personalized, private walks provide your dog with regularly scheduled walks that provide the individual one on one attention and routine care that your dog deserves. 
Inclement weather is just part of the job; our walkers are happy to walk in rain, snow or shine. On really wet days we naturally try our best to keep them out of the mud, but dogs will be dogs (they love to get dirty!), so please keep a towel handy so that we can dry him/her off if necessary. On severe weather days – due to extreme cold or hot, we will either shorten your walk to a quick 20 minutes, or provide a quick potty break instead and playtime indoors. 

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