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About Cashback

What Is Cashback?

WeCare Pets Services is part of Cashback World – a global loyalty program specifically designed to support small businesses.  A free membership with Cashback World will give you the benefit of cashback from all of our pet services, but also when shopping locally, online and with large box stores. Essentially, it is like Air Miles, but instead of miles you collect actual cash back and points with an app that can be used globally in 48 Countries! 

You can use your free membership for virtually EVERYTHING: gasoline, groceries, utilities for your home, pet supplies, clothes, restaurants, pizza, children’s items, office supplies, and all travel needs. It’s super awesome, you just need to redirect as much shopping as you can through the app or online and you’ll get paid to shop!

In Store:

Visit a local partners brick and mortar to collect Cashback & Shopping Points


With the Cashback App. you can benefit any time, any place


Browse our huge selection of merchants at cashbackworld.com to receive benefits instantly!

REGISTER FOR FREE HERE: https://cbw.to/mr5dzd


1. Cashback Card on your app – use your free cash back membership to shop at local stores. Support local!

  • Cashback is 1-5% depending on the merchant.
  • Simply “shake” your mobile device – your cashback card & membership information will display

2. Online Shopping – there are hundreds of online stores to shop at on the website.

  • Cashback is usually 1-5% depending on the merchant but sometimes 10% or more!
  • Login online with your membership details to www.cashbackworld.com, pick your shopping category and the system will take you to the merchants website. Then it’s shopping as usual!

3. Big Box Stores – You can get cashback from large box stores with gift cards. We have physical gift cards and electronic ones.

a) Physical Gift Cards

  • You can purchase these online through the website (to receive in the mail monthly). In Canada – you can fill out the online form below to get gift cards right in your mailbox each month!
  • https://fs28.formsite.com/EasyShop/form15/index.html?1532459387560

b) E-Vouchers – digital gift cards on your app!

  • Open app – click on eVoucher symbol (looks like a cell phone with an “e”)
  • It will open up in your home Country but you can use this feature in any Country listed
  • Scroll and find the merchant of your choosing
  • Click on the amount of electronic gift card you want to buy
  • Pay with a credit card of your choosing (or Visa Debit – Canada)
  • Merchant will scan barcode, or enter digits with pin provided .You tell the cashier you are paying with gift card.
  • After purchase you can record any amounts remaining on your eVoucher & use again!
  • Once your eVoucher is used up, just click redeem and it will no longer be listed on your app as an available gift card.

This entire process takes seconds! Keep an eye out for new merchants being added on a regular basis!

HOT TIP: You can double dip on cashback with these! For example, if you buy a Gap eVoucher for 6% cashback, you can then find the Gap through our online portal, get 1% cashback from online shopping and pay with your eGift card!

4. Shopping Points – these accumulate in your account as you shop. They can be redeemed for deals & discounts at local loyalty merchants. 

5. Claim your cashback – Cashback will accumulate in your cashback world account while you shop. Once you have accumulated $10 in cashback the system will want to pay you out. In your account under “My Settings” you can enter a bank account and the money will be deposited each week on Thursdays. If you do not want to enter a bank account – you can use your cashback earned towards the purchase of eVoucher digital gift cards.

Global benefits – you can use your free membership and shop in any of the 48 listed Countries. If you will be travelling somewhere, make sure to open your app when you arrive and see where you can shop locally and with their eVoucher partners. This is one of my favourite parts of the program.

Give Back with Every Purchase – as a successful International Shopping Community it’s very important to the company to give back and be socially responsible. Cashback World actively supports two charities who work hard to support people all over the world who are in need and to help save our planet. Every purchase you make counts, and portions from each purchase in the community flows to the charities.

Child & Family Foundation
Thanks to the international educational projects run by the Child & Family Foundation, children, adolescents and families in need gain access to education. An education gives them the opportunity to take their fate into their own hands and shape their future.

Greenfinity Foundation
The Greenfinity Foundation’s primary goal is to secure a greener future for us all. To achieve this, they run environment and climate protection projects worldwide.

I love the program, and my family has benefited with hundreds of dollars back a year in cashback. Anything you can do to save money this day and age is great! So that’s one of the best parts about this program – it’s just free money back in your pocket – and it encourages local shopping 🙂

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me for any questions.
Katherine Barbour

For reference: Check out a Canadian Customer Website at www.mycashback.ca for information, videos, links, how to redeem points, how to get additional physical gift cards and more.